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10 Things To Know For Thursday - 07 December 2017

(Reuters) - Investors in Sprout Pharmaceuticals, which makes the first drug to treat low sexual desire in women and was bought by Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc last year, say the drug has been priced too high, Bloomberg reported on Friday.

This time, the experts voted 18-6 in favor of allowing the drug on the market, but with some additional risk-control measures to make sure doctors prescribe it only to patients who need it and that women are aware of the risks.

Mohamad Shah said his conclusion that Kim died of "acute VX poisoning" was based on a chemist report of the presence of VX and the swiftness of death. Earlier testimony showed Kim died within two hours of being attacked in a crowded Kuala Lumpur airport terminal, not within 20 minutes as earlier stated by Malaysia's health ministry.

BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese police are investigating if two distillers in the southwestern region of Guangxi added impotence treatment drug Viagra to their liquor in the latest food-safety scare in China.

"In fact, there is no scientifically established norm for sexual activity, feelings or desire, and there is no evidence that hypoactive sexual desire disorder is a medical condition," the authors write
in the letter. "Hypoactive sexual desire disorder is a typical example of a condition that was sponsored by industry to prepare the market for a specific treatment."

It's probably going to cost more than Viagra.
As Forbes points out
, drugs like Viagra are only taken on demand while women will have to take Addyi daily. Sprout has said it plans to charge about the same amount for Addyi as for erectile dysfunction drugs: perhaps around $400 a month
, according to a rough estimate by The New York Times
. But the costs for Addyi will be fixed, while men can choose how much they want to spend on Viagra. And "it is not clear," The Times notes, "if insurance companies will pay for Addyi."

Pfizer's larger prescription drug business includes the erectile dysfunction treatment Viagra, the breast cancer drug Ibrance and the cholesterol fighter Lipitor. The company booked a $3.07 billion profit in the in the second quarter on $12.9 billion in revenue. The company will report third-quarter results later this month.

The dangers will likely deter many women since Addyi in clinical trials was associated with an increase of only one sexually satisfying sexual event per month, said Raghuram Selvaraju, managing director of brokerage H.C. Wainwright fluid"]],[[0,0],[[300,250],[600,100],[550,300],"fluid"]]]" data-sizes="300x250,550x300,600x100,728x90,800x100,800x480,fluid" data-tag="reuters,reuters-health" data-url="/r-female-viagra-seen-more-a-pace-setter-than-moneymaker-2015-8" data-views="0-5000">

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration late on Tuesday approved the drug, called Addyi, for pre-menopausal women. The agency had previously rejected the treatment twice over concerns it did not provide a significant enough benefit to outweigh its risks, but came under pressure from advocacy groups who argued that women were unfairly denied access to the therapy.

Meanwhile, Pfizer posted higher sales for most of its key new drugs, including cancer medicines Ibrance and Xtandi, Xeljanz for rheumatoid arthritis and Eliquis for preventing strokes and blood clots. Top seller Prevnar, a vaccine against ear, bloodstream and other pneumococcal infections acquired in the Wyeth deal, saw sales dip 1 percent to $1.52 billion, but overall the company's key segment selling newer, patent-protected medicines posted an 11 percent increase in revenue, to $8.12 billion.

The New York company has been down this road before. In 2006, it sold a stable of popular consumer products - including Listerine, Nicorette, Visine, Sudafed and Neosporin -to rival Johnson & Johnson for $16.6 billion. Many analysts called that move a mistake. Just three years later, Pfizer ended up back in the consumer business with Advil, Anacin, Preparation H and other well-known brands when it bought rival drugmaker Wyeth for $68 billion.

The organization's name comes from its assertion that there are dozens of drugs on the market to treat male sexual dysfunction, but none on the market for women. Even the Score wants to "even the score," and has ngaydep gone as far as to say the FDA is sexist.

The pharmaceutical giant is weighing options for its consumer healthcare business. It may spin off or sell the unit, which also produces Advil, Preparation H and the Centrum brand of vitamins. Pfizer may also leave the business as is, with no sale.

Under the law, manufacturers that list ingredients under the "proprietary blend" category
don't have to note the amounts of individual items in that category. Instead, they have to list only those within the blend and the total
amount of it. But certain ingredients are still often left out or mislabeled — intentionally or not.

Hefner once declared sex to be "the primary motivating factor in the course of human history" and, using that as a business model Playboy flourished during the sexual revolution and into the 1970s with monthly circulation hitting 7 million.

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